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Thank You for Your Dedication!

Thank you to all volunteers who help us deliver sport, joy and inclusion to people with intellectual disability/autism. Thank you!

Celebrating Volunteer Milestones | 2024

Judy Wignell, Melbourne Inner East

My husband and I first became involved with Special Olympics at Kew Cottages around 1985 where volunteers held Fun and Fitness Days for people with intellectual disability. We took our daughter to various activities there, as well as swimming events.

The best experiences have been seeing how athletes improve in all sports and how they look out for each other. Like many parents we’ve loved what we do, and are particularly in awe of the many volunteers that give up their time and offer their expertise without any direct family connections to the people they assist. It’s all great fun and rewarding to be part of.

Picture: This is volunteer Robyn Cook who, on 1 April 1977, gave 900 people from 10 institutions opportunities to take part in aquatics, athletics, gymnastics and ball games at Kew Cottages. It was the beginning of an annual competition in the Melbourne Inner East area for Special Olympics Australia athletes.

Are You Celebrating a Milestone in 2024?

Denise Joy Sheard | Sunshine Coast, QLD

Peter Hedges | Sydney South, NSW

Margaret Gumbleton | Echuca, VIC

Frank Gumbleton | Echuca, VIC

David Secomb | Central Coast, NSW

Maureen Smith | Moreton North, QLD

Mary Greig | Flinders, NSW

Teresa Ann Bourke | Moreton North, QLD

Ann Marsh | Melbourne Inner East, VIC

Jeremy Smith | Gold Coast, QLD

Shirley Morey/Johnston | Gold Coast, QLD

Judith Marshall | Tasmania

Silvija Simpson | Barwon, VIC

Justin Arrowsmith | Melbourne Eastern Ranges, VIC

Karen Beardmore | Sunshine Coast, QLD

Keith Brown | Queensland

Natalie Upshall | Gympie, QLD

Genevieve Smith | Sydney South, NSW

Martin Smith | Moreton North, QLD

Joshua Frost | Sydney West, NSW

Benjamin Haack | Gold Coast, QLD

Colin Alderton | Hunter Valley, NSW

Bruce Cannon | Illawarra, NSW

Peter Marks | Brisbane, QLD

Sarah Gersbach | ACT

Graham Hook | Brisbane, QLD

Gregory Bartley | Brisbane, QLD

Dominique Salvatore | Melbourne West, VIC

Brigitte Cook | Sydney Upper North Shore, NSW

Frederick Forssman | Barwon, VIC

Karin Brown | Brisbane, QLD

Merryl Holland | Sunshine Coast, QLD

Andrea Werner | Sydney Northern Beaches, NSW

Susan Carter | Sydney West, NSW

Kylie Heggie | Sydney Hills, NSW

Karla Rothpletz-Tatt | Sydney Northern Beaches, NSW

Gaye Sheehan | North West New England, NSW

Bevan Heslehurst | Moreton North, QLD

Mitchell Roberts | Western Australia

Mark Levers | South Coast, NSW

Tammy Roberts | Tasmania

Annabel Feely | Redlands, QLD

Sharyn Harris | Sydney South, NSW

Shaun Pyrah | Mid North Coast, NSW

Elias Habelrih | Sydney South, NSW

Athanasia Sue Lazarou | Sydney Inner West, NSW

Lisa May | Sydney South, NSW

Tina Naughton | Westernport, VIC

Kim Owen | Melbourne Inner East, VIC

Michael Harris | Sydney South, NSW

Kathryn Slade | Sydney South, NSW

Richard Allen | Moreton North, QLD

Catherine Cook | Melbourne Inner East, VIC

Kasey Mossman | Gladstone, QLD

Tracy Percival | Mid North Coast, NSW

Colin Beeby | Melbourne Southern, VIC

Peter O'Donnell | Sydney East, NSW

Todd Crandell | North West New England, NSW

Stephanie Duff | Ovens & Murray, VIC

Anna Leighton | Ballarat, VIC

Colleen Goodrich | Sunshine Coast, QLD

Melissa Pargeter | Ovens & Murray, VIC

Darrell Edwin Dalton | Queensland, QLD

Sally Gallaway | Moreton North, QLD

Helen Wheatley | Hunter Valley, NSW

Lisa Jones | Ovens & Murray, VIC

Kathleen Anne Hanson | Bundaberg, QLD

Luca Giannessi | Melbourne Inner East, VIC

Zachary Gallaway | Moreton North, QLD

Mark Gibson | Brisbane, QLD

Alison Evans | Sydney Upper North Shore, NSW

Jann Rose | Sydney Upper North Shore, NSW

Jodie Cooper | Ovens & Murray, VIC

Nada O'Dwyer | Melbourne Southern, VIC

Lisa Graves | Melbourne Southern, VIC

Amy Moore | Victoria

Bruce Hill | Melbourne North, VIC

Naomi Pugsley | South Australia

Damien Pugsley | South Australia

Matthew Wotton | New South Wales, NSW

Kimberly Doyle | Queensland/Mackay, QLD

Peter Close | Moreton North, QLD

Terance Price | Brisbane, QLD

Eric Hauser | Brisbane, QLD

Anthony Wall | Brisbane, QLD

Hemaganesh Selva Raj | Brisbane, QLD

Andrew Doggett | Macarthur, NSW

Jennifer Forssman | Victoria

Christopher Hoy | Bendigo, VIC

Scott Duncan | Sydney West, NSW

Stephen Lawley | Brisbane, QLD

Tracy Iacovelli | Illawarra, NSW

Lorraine Myatt | ACT

Elena Vasilevska | Brisbane, QLD

Maria Fina | Illawarra, NSW

Ava Landry | Sydney Hills, NSW

Donna Charlesworth | Illawarra, NSW

Helen Carroll | Mackay, QLD

Izabela Martin | Moreton North, QLD

Elizabeth Monk | South Australia

Adrian Janson | Gladstone, QLD

Jodie Janson | Gladstone, QLD

Sonia Lanza | Melbourne Inner East, VIC

Leanne Smart | Melbourne Inner East, VIC

Laura Makhoul | Melbourne West, VIC

Graeme Hight | Sunshine Coast, QLD

Judith van der Meer | Sunshine Coast, QLD

Naomi Clarke | Sydney West, NSW

Gloria Doggett | Macarthur, NSW

Janet Hunt | Illawarra, NSW

John Wallis | Flinders, NSW

Peter Lyons | Sydney South, NSW

Eric De Klerk | Brisbane, QLD

Thu Tran | Melbourne Southern, VIC

Matt Fitton | Melbourne Inner East, VIC

Noela Van Houts | North Coast, NSW

Jason Cant | Hunter Valley, NSW

Wendy Kentwell | Gold Coast, QLD

Ashleigh Scarra | Sydney South, NSW

Dolores Richardson | Moreton North, QLD

Edward Joseph Flynn | Melbourne Inner East, VIC

Alyssia Brown | South Australia

Lee Baines | Melbourne Southern, VIC

Stephen Reynolds | Mid North Coast, NSW

Katherine Peninton | New South Wales

Margaret Dahl | Moreton North, QLD

Antonia Johnstone | Western Australia

Julie Pendred | Melbourne West, VIC

Donald Pennell | Ballarat, VIC

Deborah Forrest | Sydney West, NSW

Lehroy Stewart | Sydney South, NSW

Sandra Mercer | Illawarra, NSW

Donna Eichmann | Sunshine Coast, QLD

Annette Nugent | Gympie, QLD

Sharon Fenwick | South Australia

Samantha Clough | South Australia

Nathan Scarman | South Australia

Dana Clough | South Australia

Jason Fulwood | South Australia

Alan Keane | Sydney South, NSW

Melvena Smith | Brisbane, QLD

Kevin Goodrem | Melbourne Inner East, VIC

Tanya Brown | WA

Debra Price | Ovens & Murray, VIC

Cally Bauman | Melbourne Inner East, VIC

Alexandra Sencek | Melbourne Inner East, VIC

Narelle Gemmill | Barwon, VIC

Become a Volunteer

If you'd like to experience the joy of Special Olympics Australia, become a volunteer.

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