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Affiliate Program

Our Affiliate Program supports sports providers who want to offer an inclusive environment for athletes with intellectual disability/autism.

It builds strong and long-term relationships between Special Olympics Australia and the sporting community by offering regular participation, competition pathways, training and skills-development for athletes and coaches.

Long-term Partnerships

Connecting the sporting community.

Competition Pathways

Providing high-quality competition opportunities. 

Specialist Resources

Sharing knowledge and expertise.


Competition Pathways

People participating in registered affiliate programs can access our competition pathways. Our competitions are structured so athletes of all ages and abilities can compete with athletes of similar ability.

Promotion and Awareness

To support our Affiliate Partners we can provide:

  • marketing and promotional support
  • co-branded activities and programs
  • access to resources
  • competition opportunities
  • education for coaches
  • referrals for new athletes to your program.

Our Partners