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Meet Sheryn

Why did you get involved with Special Olympics Australia? Special education has been my career. Although I don’t have any immediate family members with the need to access a Special Olympics club, I have the skill set, capacity and passion to give my time to sport in the disability field. It inspires me to know that I can help families make connections.

What is your favourite sport? My favourite Special Olympics sport is swimming. As a child I was involved in many sports including swimming, netball, tennis and calisthenics. I was also a coach and umpire.

Is there a particular moment that stands out for you? The most recent moment that stands out is being selected as Assistant Head of Delegation for the Special Olympics World Games in Berlin in 2023 where 64 athletes got to compete on the world stage. To see their hard work pay off and to celebrate with them was so inspiring. I loved every moment of it!

How has Special Olympics Australia impacted your life? Being part of the Special O family has shown me how valuable any small contribution can make to so many families! Special Olympics Australia offers a place where people with intellectual disability/autism and their families feel wanted.

What would you say to someone considering volunteering for Special Olympics Australia? If you are fortunate enough to have the time to volunteer, then absolutely volunteer with Special Olympics Australia!