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Coaches have a responsibility to continually improve their knowledge, maintain best practice and keep up with developments and innovations in their sport to fully meet the needs of their athletes.

An important part of the Coach Development Framework is the Participant Development Pathway. The newly formalised pathway shows the non-linear progression available for coaches within the Special Olympics community through the Explore Phase, the Participate Phase, and the Develop Phase.

Read and download the resources for each stage to maintain your skills, accreditation, and deliver key coaching benefits to all athletes with intellectual disabilities.

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Coach Development Framework

The coaching system

Participant Development Pathway

Progression pathway available for coaches

The Coach Approach


The philosophical approach to coaching

The Explore Coach

Extension and re­finement of fundamental movement skills

The Participate Coach

Increased commitment to training, movement & skills

The Develop Coach

Commitment to sport specific training and competitions

Online Learning


Tailored online courses and resources


Code of conduct


Standards of behaviour that reflect our values

Australian Physical Literacy Framework

Alignment to the common language and developmental framework

Play By the Rules course

Child Protection Online Course

Support Resources

These further resources will help support you as you coach Special Olympics athletes.

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