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We’re proud to be part of the Special Olympics Australia community which brings sport, joy and inclusion to people with intellectual disability/autism. Our shared vision is an inclusive Australia where people with intellectual disability/autism live active, healthy and fulfilling lives.

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Special Olympics Mackay
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Club Committee

Madonna Paul Chair

John Coletti Vice Chair

Belinda Hassan Secretary

Glenys Steward Membership Officer

Belinda Hassan Treasurer

Kimberly Doyle Sports Coordinator

Corey Hanson Athlete Representative

Dale Potter Athlete Representative

Tracey Stevenson Athlete Representative

Annie Steward Athlete Representative

Judy Dal’Bo Committee Member

Cheryl Hawkins Committee Member

Susan Morris Committee Member

Greg Steward Committee Member

Training Schedule

Saturday 1-4pm – 3 sessions
Mackay Central School
Macalister Street, Mackay

Coming soon

Kung Fu Form/Tai Chi
Virtual Kung Fu Wushu Qld
Via TEAMS link for individuals and families
Thursday 6pm (1 hour)

Group Technique
Saturday 8.30-10am
World Gym Mackay
Greenfields Blvd, Mt Pleasant

Table Tennis
Saturday 10.30-11.30am
Endeavour L & L
418 Shakespeare Street, Mackay

Tenpin Bowling
Monday 5-6pm (coaching)
Saturday 9-10am (coaching)
Tuesday 6:30pm (team league)
Wednesday 1:00pm (team league)
Wednesday 6:30pm (team league)
Mackay Leisure
95 Broadsound Road, Mackay

Competition Calendar