In The Beginning

The Role of Mr Bill Woods

In 1975, Mr Bill Woods was approached by Mr Ian Walliker from the Kennedy Foundation to see if he was interested in launching Special Olympics in Victoria. Bill was very keen and on 12 April 1976 Bill and the first state committee officially met for the first time. The committee were:

Mr Bill Woods, Chairman
Miss Julie Harvie, Victorian Gymnastics Association
Miss Diane Currie, Victorian Swimming Association
Mr Fred Graf, Nominated by Victorian Athletic Association
Mr Graham Colling, Victorian Council for the Mentally Retarded
Mr Kurt Kraushofer, Children’s Cottages Kew
Mr Ric Thompson, Special Services Branch YMCA

The photo (above) from 1988 shows Bill Woods receiving a special award from legendary Australian cricketer, Ian Chappell in recognition of his leading role in the early days of establishing Special Olympics in Australia.