Special Olympics National Games 2014
Special Olympics National Games 2014
From 25 July-2 August 2015, 76 Aussie athletes will wear the green and gold with pride in Los Angeles, USA at the Special Olympics World Summer Games. It will be the largest sporting event in the world for the year and our team will compete alongside 7,000 athletes from 177 countries.

Meet Team Australia

Head of Delegation: Anna-Louise Kassulke
Assistant Head of Delegation: Suzy Chainey
Team Admin Support: Denise Sorraine
Team Doctor: Elizabeth Crouch
Team Nurse: Annette Dundas
Team Physio: Sophie Watt


Adrian Langford

Alannah McKeown

Ethan Chan

Gabrielle Dear

Jordan Brown

Keiran Corry

Nicole Bartley

Sandy Freeman

Head Coach: Elisabeth Ewen
Assistant Coach: Terry Bourke


Brittney Neill

Carley Chapman

James Henry

Kie Wilson-McNaught

Kimberley Langton

Matthew Pascoe

Matthew Rieck-Schloss

Rani Hancock

Head Coach: Rodney Nugent
Assistant Coach: Leonie Langton


Alexander Barnes

Bradley Kinross

Dean Pallier

Dianne Demello

Eliza Mills

Gabrielle Turley

Jack Littleton

Jake De La Motte

Jessica Duncan

Jessica McCulloch

Krystelle Lloyd

Nicole Harris

Philip Mahoney

Skye Cameron

Thomas Preston

Wayne Kinross

Head Coach: Leanne Secomb | Margaret Robertson
Assistant Coach: Michael Morgan | Mitchell Roberts


Melissa Theochari

Stuart Gorton

Head Coach: Jeffrey Stewart


Andrew Tanner

Sara Cann

Head Coach: Chris Nott


Brandyn Patterson

Brendon Masters

Christopher Minutillo

Jarrod Lantry

Jason Kappler

Liam O'Donnell

Michael Baker

Zachary Spoor

Head Coach: Gavin Backhouse
Assistant Coach: Bevan Heslehurst


Darren Tait

Kathryn Wilson

Head Coach: Jeremy Smith


Cassy Geffke

Emma Zamprogno

Martin Smith

Head Coach: Natalie Upshall
Assistant Coach: Kelly Milroy


Allister Peek

Alyse Saxby

Benedict Fitzpatrick

Bronwyn Ibbotson

Gregory Williams

Jacob Williams

Melissa Nelson

Sonja Gilmore

Head Coach: Christopher Ruston
Team Support: Ashleigh Skopp


Bradley Turner

Bronwyn Russell

Cameron Turner

David Robinson

Dylan James Coop

Jake Vandersluys

James McKinlay-Hendley

Jason Reid

Jonathon Goss

Kerryn Gibson

Matthew Calkin

Mitchell McKenna

Nathan West

Head Coach: James Harris
Assistant Coach: Brooke Galupo
Team Support: Alicia Lands | Susie Bennett-Yeo


Madison Wall

Michael Wren

Head Coach: Neil Heyme

Tenpin Bowling

Josie McLean

Lee Marriott

Rebecca King

Shane Cocks

Head Coach: Mary Greig


Check out the stats for the World Games by looking at our infographic. Click the image above or download here.

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